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This blog is dedicated to anyone interested in biophysics and eager to learn more. Its primary purpose is to serve as an educational platform rather than a source for regular science updates, as I not only discuss the latest research but also delve into early classics in biophysics. Unlike most scientific blogs, I rarely shy away from the mathematics involved, as one of my goals is to explain these concepts as clearly as possible. To aid understanding of research articles, many posts are titled 'Fundamentals' to introduce key concepts first.

I genuinely believe that, with passion and excellent guidance, everyone should be able to comprehend any subject. While I acknowledge that I still have much room for improvement, I will try my best to serve as your guide to the fascinating world of biophysics!

This blog originated as a Facebook page written in Chinese. It later transformed into a Blogger-hosted blog and has now migrated its contents to Notion, making it more centralized and facilitating the typing of equations. I hope you find the content as helpful and enjoyable as I do!

(By the way, in case anyone is curious, I named this blog "Three Minute Biophysics" in homage to the "Three Minute Thesis" contest. My initial aspiration was to explain intricate scientific content concisely. It's worth noting that the name of this blog is unrelated to Minute Physics, a YouTube channel that I genuinely enjoy.)

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Other blogs that are dedicated to biophysics

Like all responsible scientific publications require a reference, I want to pay tribute to other blogs that are dedicated to biophysics. It is very difficult to regularly produce high quality posts that even lay persons can understand, so I think it is important for me to recognize similar efforts made by other people.

The following list is compiled by me searching exhaustively on Google about blogs in biophysics, with actual scientific contents(not just career or seminar info), written in English, excluding sites with less than 10 posts dedicated to biophysics (even though some of them are awesome). I hope this would be helpful for anyone who wants to learn more in this field. (Asterisk mark denotes currently active blogs.)